G. Ceren (Gerry) Aksu

Hi! I am a PhD Candidate in Marketing at Rutgers Business School.

I received two B.S. degrees in Business Administration and Management (with Marketing concentration) from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and Binghamton University. I also hold an MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University. During my MBA program, I worked as a research assistant, which sparked my interest in consumer research, and as a result, led me to pursue a PhD in marketing at Rutgers.

My primary research interest is understanding consumer responses to digital marketing and innovative brand actions. Specifically, my work examines the joint influence of brand concepts and brands’ new media (i.e., social media) engagement on consumer attitudes and decision making. I also examine other brand-level factors, including brand warmth, and the pronunciation difficulty of brand names, as well as a variety of brand actions, including advertising and corporate social responsibility. My research follows an experimental approach and makes important contributions to digital/social media marketing, brand management, and global marketing.

In addition, I also worked as a behavioral lab coordinator at Rutgers Business School (RBS), where we conducted research studies in Marketing, Management and Accounting for faculty and PhD students.

Apart from academia, I enjoy exploring new places, listening to traditional folk music from around the world, and gardening.

Research Interests

Consumer Behavior | Social Media | Branding | Advertising | Culture

Teaching Interests

Digital/Social Media Marketing | Brand Management | Advertising | Consumer Behavior | Introduction to Marketing

Working Papers

  1. Aksu, G. Ceren (Gerry), Alokparna (Sonia) Monga, and Carlos J. Torelli, “When an Old Dog Learns New Tricks: Engaging in Social Media Dilutes Tradition Brands,” job market paper and first essay of dissertation, in preparation for submission to Journal of Marketing.

  2. Aksu, G. Ceren (Gerry), Yeni Zhou, and Alokparna (Sonia) Monga, “How Does the Pronunciation Difficulty of Brand Names Influence Consumer Responses? The Role of Self-Construal,” in preparation for submission to Journal of Consumer Psychology.

  3. Monga, Alokparna (Sonia), Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, Vanitha Swaminathan, and G. Ceren (Gerry) Aksu, “Do Inconsistent CSR Communications Always Alter Brand Perceptions? The Effects of Dialectical Thinking,” in preparation for submission to Marketing Letters.

Research in Progress

  1. Aksu, G. Ceren (Gerry), Gabriela N. Tonietto, and Alokparna (Sonia) Monga, “How Does Brand Warmth Influence Consumer Responses to Scarcity Appeals? The Role of Perceived Good Intentions,” second essay of dissertation, three studies completed.

  2. Aksu, G. Ceren (Gerry) and Sevincgul Ulu, “Consumer Responses to Brand Activism: The Role of Human Values,” two studies completed.

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